Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story might learn something...heheheh

Alright so......Another fellow clay artist, Linda Peterson, told us in her blog that when you tell a story about a figurine you are kinda makes them come to life!
So naturally I had to try it....and It really does make the little one come to life.
While I was making this little froggie, I kinda stepped into his world a little! What would be like to be a frog.....what would your life be like, your feelings, your cares, your fears? It was kinda fun to make him come to life and to tell the story about him!
So maybe if you are working on a figurine.....try to think of a story to go with it!
You'll be surprised how much more lifelike it will become........ Thank you Linda for sharing this tip with us! I'll put it to good use:)
Here is my story......

Spring is just around the corner!Raina and I went outside the other day and took a walk.It was such a beautiful day! The birds are starting to come out and all the little critters! After our walk we went and played on her swingset. She just loves to play.As she got into her sand box she heard this Crrooooaaakkk."MOMMY!!!! What was that" she asked. I listened. "CROOOOAAAKKKK""hmmm sounds like a froggie sweetie!!!" "A frog? Ewwwwww frogs are yucky mommy!"The little frog was listening to what Raina had said.First he was a little upset that Raina thought he was yucky.He looked at his little froggie legs and thought to himself, I'm not yucky!So as he heard me explain that frogs ARE NOT YUCKY and that they are pretty cute, Raina started to think that maybe they were alright.But she was still unsure about it.So as the little frog kept listening......he looked around."Hmmmm what could I do to show her that I am not so bad after all? She is such a cutie and I really want to meet her! I mean we do share the same yard and all....."CRRRROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKK"That's it!!!!!!!!!!" He thought!He hopped over to the little flowers that were comming up and picked one.He hopped back over to the sandbox where Raina was sitting."CROOOOOOOOOAAAAAKKKKKKKKKK"She jumped a little because it scared her. And as she looked down, here he was with his cheesy little smile and a flower just for her!"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!!! Look!! isn't he cute!" she yelled. Looking down I seen the cutest little cheesy smiled froggie."well that is your little froggie friend that you heard a few minutes ago, Raina!" She had the biggest smile on her face!"Frog's aren't so bad after all mommy! They are pretty cute! and Nice too!"

Moral of the story.....
Just because you have this impression of something or SOMEONE, it doesn't always mean you are right....You could be totally wrong! Things aren't always as they seem!
Sometimes you just have to take the time to notice!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Well what a month! I had planned on blogging so many different times but well this
last month has been pretty busy!
From my little girly turning 5 to ALL of us getting sick!
We are finally all better and I am ready to blog!

I just got done updating my website! What a job that was! LOL
Good thing I enjoy it.
I've added some earrings, beads/bow centers, and some flat back so you can make your own earrings! I still have more I need to post......soon though!

Easter is now over and well to put it simple I am sooooooooooo ready for some warmer weather! LOL I am sure we ALL are!!!!!!!

Until next time.....take care!!!