Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a week!!!

Well my little girly started school tuesday! She is in Kindergarten!!
She TOTALLY LOVES IT! but today she was bummed because a little boy in her class was tryin to get her Wendy dog. She doesn't understand why he kept picking on her.
I was like well sis....boys are a little different! LOL They LOVE to pick!
So i told her about when i was her age and my neighbor boy, caleb always picking on me.


I've got the website updated finally!
I've got bow centers, figurines, gingerbreads, personalized goodies, and a few more things up!
I'm tired of typing so i will end here!
Its been a long week!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

I miss you grandpa!

HI all!!!
I just realized that 15 yrs ago today my grandfather passed away.
We had been away on a trip and we got word that he was very sick. We did make it home to be with him before he passed. So in that thought......We miss you grandpa! I miss our trips to the barn together, feeding the kittens, and you making your leather key chains, and zipper pulls. I am thankful for the time i got to spend with you and thankful you had the patience to teach me to make the zipper pulls. I just wish i would have been a little older and would have learned to make your key rings! I guess that is something i have to learn myself though:) LOVE YOU!!!!!

On a brighter note.....
I have posted some new M2M Janie and jack on the site as well as some gymboree.
I have some gingerbread up for auction on ebay just posted lastnight.

*** PLEASE NOTE FOR THE WEEK OF 8-10 through 8-15*****
I'll be kinda taking the week off. I will still be taking orders but those orders made during that time may be delayed a week. Its our last week before raina starts Kindergarten. And well we haven't taken a vacation this year so Hubby and I decided that he would take the week off and we could go to the zoo and all that fun stuff! Yeah summer has went TOO fast and we have had other projects going on and nothing like waiting till the last week.....
But i just wanted you all to know that i will still be taking orders but they will be delayed a bit. Not too long. she will be going all day so that first week of school i plan to get ALOT done!
If you have any questions please ask!!!!

have a good weekend everyone!!!!