Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monkey'in around.....

So it had been a while since I've made a monkey....

And I've been playing around with some new eyes:) So one night while watching American Idol, I got my clay around and made me a monkey! She is a little larger than the others I've made but I think she turned out pretty cute!
Her eyes seem to say it all:)
So the next day my little girl and I took her outside in our flower bed to take some pictures of her. We were tryin to come up with a name for her. So we are talking and I am like, Raina, I think the little monkey looks like a Molly. And Raina's reply....MOM! i think she looks like a MONKEY! LOL
awwww gotta love what the little ones come up with! So blunt sometimes! on the look out for some new little monkeys soon:)


Friday, May 14, 2010


HI all!
alright so the website has been updated, auctions are on ebay! and i've been on creative overload!
which i guess is a good thing? right?
I gave my try at a "TREE OF LIFE" pendant last weekend. And i have to say I am pretty pleased with how it turned out:)
I used rainbow moonstone. I hope to be making more? if i get the right reaction from them:)

for the auctions I have some made to match earrings and a Gingerbread holding a lady bug:) I just love him:)

until next time.....
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!

Time flies....

when you're having fun! Or just really BUSY!!!!!
I can't believe May is almost over already! School will be out in 2 wks! WOW!
Hard to believe!!!!

I finally got a chance to update my website with some new bow centers!
It had been a while since i updated!!!!!
I also put some new M2M earrings up as well:)

I hope you all have a wondeful weekend!!!!!