Friday, October 30, 2009

It's NO trick........

Yes I finally had a chance to up date my website with some new bow centers/beads!
What a treat right?!?! heheheheh
I'm just glad I had a chance to do it!

Its been a crazy month!
And to think that thanksgiving and christmas are just around the corner! eeekkkkk

For those of you that are in my area.....I will be setting up at a craft show in Montpelier, OH on November 21st. If you would like more details let me know:)

I also had a chance to meet up with some friends from school! And one i haven't seen for probably close to 20 yrs! It was really nice meeting up with him and his family!
It was a nice trip down memory lane!
We all had a wonderful time I think:)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!!!


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