Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recipe/picture holder:)

While I had a few minutes I just wanted to share something I made with you all:)

A coworker of my mom's was leaving to go to a different job and mom wanted me to make her something. She loves to cook so i thought maybe a recipe holder would be cute!
This is what i came up with ;)

This is the first time I've made anything like this and well it was hard for me to part with it:)
I really enjoyed making it! and I am sure there will be MORE TO COME!
HUGS and ♥


my tiny treasures said...

This is beautiful! & the color scheme is absolutely gorgeous!

Kind Clay aka Jenny said...

thank you so much Melle!!!
I really liked the colors too!
I want to make another:)

surfingcat said...

I can see why you had trouble parting with it!
I have been thinking about buying a book stand for cooking, hadn't thought about making a recipe holder like that. Thanks for the idea.

Kind Clay aka Jenny said...

awww thank you surfingcat!!!
happy claying!

Brenda said...

awww this is adorable!!!!