Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still kinda NEW to this whole blog thing.....

Alright so I decided to try out blogger for my new blogs.......
We'll see how it goes!
I am sometimes not very good at putting things down in writing about my thoughts or just little things that happen!
Even when raina was born i was like I am going to write down EVERYTHING that happens!
Well needless to say i am about 3 yrs behind! keep in mind she is going to be 4! eekkkkk
So yeah i am not very good at this! LOL

But hopefully I can put some of my clay things on here and let you all know what i am working on and all that..............

I just turned ummmm well lets just say i had a birthday Friday.
Thursday night we got some snow....not really
sure how much but enough to go SLEDDING!
It was so much fun! Not too bad for a birthday
pressent huh!
Raina finally got to try out that new
yellow sled that santa brought her! She had so much fun sledding!
Her and her daddy ended up going yesterday as well......

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