Monday, February 23, 2009 there is this site called Blue fuzzy Slippers or
Its a pretty neat site! Its kinda like ebay, etsy, myspace, facebook, blogging, and all that wrapped into one site!
I have a my page there! But I am trying to get the nerve up to start selling there.
Its a pretty new site so they are still working on it from time to time but I think it will be a pretty big site!

It is fairly cheap to sell there as well!

If you do decide to start up a store could you please put my addy in the referal box?
Sorry to ask but if you don't want to that is alright:)

Right now you can even try a free store to see how it goes!
You have a limit of 10 items to see how it goes!

then if you want a store for a whole year its it only $25.00!
with no listing fees and no Final value fees!

I just wanted to spread the word on the FuzzB!
Looks pretty promising to me!


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