Saturday, February 14, 2009


Its the day of Love!!!
I had wanted to make Raina's valentine day or pre valentine day super special at school!
She was to have 3 carnations delievered to her and they were going to have a party!
And wouldn't you know it.....thursday night she came down with a high fever and she didn't get to go to school. She was so bummed out! I had forgotten about the flowers and her teacher called and wanted to know if I could pick them up for her so my mom went and got them for her!
And her teacher also sent her valentines for her.....she was sooooooooooo happy! and she started feeling better! and by lastnight the fever was GONE! The POWER OF LOVE!
Or maybe it was because her daddy got that teddy bear she had been wanting! heheheheheh
Today its snowing!! A pretty snow!
We aren't suppose to get much which is a good thing! LOL

I hope to get some new goodies up on my site this weekend!
Some new bow centers/beads and hopefully some new easter goodies!
We'll see though......

I do have some cute little bunny charms and a kitty charm over at ETSY! The link to that is on the right side there under Links to other cool sites!
3rd one down:)

Happy Valentines day to you ALL!

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