Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well its Officially summer!

Summer is here! Officially!
Tee ball games are almost over! Rain has one more tomorrow evening then she is done!
She has just LOVED playing tee ball!
And I have really enjoyed watching her!!!!
Even her grandparents have enjoyed it! He one grandpa hasn't hardly missed a game since we told them about it! He is usually the first one there! LOL He has really enjoyed it!
Its so neat!!!

I'll be updating the site HOPEFULLY TONIGHT! I have ALOT to put up!!!!
So be on the look out for that! I'll make a post here as soon as I get it all up and going!
There will be alot of new Beads/Bow centers added! along with some flatbacks for earrings!
I'm pretty excited! heheheheeheh

I also have some ebay auctions going on right now as welL!
There are 2 fairies and 1 little gingerbread!!!!

Until next time.....have a wonderful day!

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