Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!! ALREADY!!!!????????

WOW! I can't believe its december already!!!
my little went back to school yesterday after her thanksgiving vacation and they were talking about dates and years and all that....she was like mommy its still 2009! I was like yeah it is! then it hit me! IN another month it will be 2010!!! I about freaked! LOL
Where has this year gone!?! I mean really?!

I did manage to get some goodies listed on ebay!

And I finally got some new beads/bow centers listed on my site as well!
I hope to get some more up real soon!
Hopefully tomorrow!

Well i guess that is about it!
Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!


1 comment:

Elisa's Fairies said...

Hiya Jen!

Just checked out your ebay auctions and I LOVE the Santa Piggie and the Snow Girl! And the ornaments are SOOO cute! Can't wait to see what's next!

Big hugs!