Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Website UPDATED!!!!

Whoooooohooooooo heheheheh
I was able to add the new bow centers/beads to my site today!
there are some M2MGymbo and some Janie and jack.
Have fun checking them out!!!

I'll also be listing a few things on ebay this week as well!

The little fairie above will be listed! She is sitting on fools gold but she is NO FOOL:)

and also the little purple mushroom with the froggie on it!

I'll probably post them tomorrow sometime:) so be on the look out:)
always remember I LOVE COMMENTS! heheheheheh
so leave me some:)

until next time!
LOVE, HUGS, and have a beautiful day!



I LOVE your fairies very much they are soooo lovely!!!!!!!!!

Kind Clay aka Jenny said...

awww thank you so much betty!! You're the best!!!!! Talk to you soon sweetie:) HUGS!